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The Greatest Showman – Quotes

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Barnum, in a song:  A million dreams of the world we’re gonna make.
Charity:  However big, however small, let me be part of it all!

Charity:  I didn’t think you were long for that job anyway.
Barnum:  Or any job, apparently.
Charity:  I have everything I ever wanted.
Barnum:  But what about the magic?
Charity, pointing to their daughters:  Look at those two over there.

Barnum:  This is a wishing machine. You tell it your wishes and it keeps them close, even if you forget, until it’s time for them to come true.
Daughter:  I wish to marry Santa Clause.
Charity:  I wish for happiness like this forever.

Barnum:  People don’t want to admit it, but they’re fascinated by the bizarre and macabre.

Barnum:  I’m putting together a show and I need a star.
Tom Thumb:  You want people to laugh at me.
Barnum:  Well, they’re laughing anyway, so you might as well bet paid…  I see a general, riding [a horse] across the stage…  People won’t laugh; they’ll salute.

Barnum to Tom Thumb:  They don’t know it yet, but they are going to love you.

Bennett:  Does it bother you that everything you’re selling is fake?
Barnum:  The smiles are real.

Barnum:  A critic who can’t find joy in the theater—now who is the fraud?

Barnum, regarding plays:  They pay big money for people to stand around and talk and they call me a con man!

Charity:  New York society will never accept us.  If they did, they would have to stop judging and actually do something with their lives.

Phillip:  People leave your circus happier than they went in which is more than I can say for my plays.

Barnum:  Comfort is the enemy of progress.

Phillip:  Just associating with you could cost me my inheritance.
Barnum:  Oh it could cost you more than that!  It could cost you everything, but it just might [gain you your freedom].

Phillip:  Sir, looks like you have yourself a Jr. Partner.
Barnum:  What I have is an over-compensated apprentice.

Anne Wheeler:  And what is your act, Mr. Carlyle?
Phillip:  I don’t have an act.
Anne:  Everyone has an act.

Barnum:  Well, if you’ve heard of me all the way over here, I must be doing something very right.
Jenny Lind:  Or something very wrong.
Barnum:  Well, in the world of publicity, there’s hardly a difference.
Jenny Lind:  Spoken like a true scandal.

Jenny Lind:  Why me?
Barnum:  People came to my show for the pleasure of being hoodwinked.  Just once I’d love to give them something real.

Raise your glasses to Mr. Barnum who has shown us that a man’s station is only limited by his imagination.

Jenny Lind:  Wealth and privilege are hard to understand if you’re not born into it.

Phillip’s mom:  Phillip, you forget your place.
Phillip:  My place?  Mother, if this is my place then I don’t want any part of it.

Charity to Barnum:  When will it ever ben enough for you?

Charity:  You don’t need everyone to love you, Phin, just a few good people.

Charity (in song):  I follow you to the great unknown.

Jenny Lind:  I’ve given you the world, haven’t I?!

Jenny Lind:  You’re careless with other people, Mr. Barnum.  You bring ruin on yourself.

Bennett:  I never liked your show, but I always thought the people did.
Barnum:  They did.  They do.
Bennett:  Mind you, I wouldn’t call it art…  But putting… all shapes and colors …. on stage with you—some might have even called it a celebration of humanity.

Barnum:  I’m not in love with her [Jenny Lind].
Charity:  Of course you’re not.  Not with me.  Not with her.  Not with anyone but your show.

Charity:  Why didn’t you ask me?  I would’ve said yes.  I never minded the risk, but we always did it together.

Tom Thumb:  Figured you end up here feeling sorry for yourself.

Lettie:  Shut up, Barnum!  You just don’t get it.  Our own mothers were ashamed of us.  Hid us all our lives. Then you pulled us out of the shadows.  Maybe you were a fraud and it was all about making a buck.  But…the circus was our home, gave us a family.

Barnum (song):  If all was lost, there’s more I gained because it led me back to you.

Barnum (song):  For years and years I chased their cheers…always needing more.

Barnum (song):  From now on these eyes will not be blinded by the lights.

Barnum:  I brought hardship on you and on our family.  You warned me and I wouldn’t listen.  I just wanted to be more than I was.
Charity:  I never wanted more than the man I fell in love with.

Phillip:  When I met you, I had an invitation to every party… an inheritance… reputation….  [All that’s gone now but what I have is what is of true worth]—friendship, love and work that I adore.

Song:  This is the greatest show.  Everything you ever want.  Everything you ever need. And it’s here, right in front of you.

Barnum quote at the end of the movie:  The noblest art is making others happy.


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