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The Resurrection of Gavin Stone – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:47 pm in Uncategorized
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Allan:  We really do believe in second chances here, but they’re not to be taken lightly.

Cast member:  My name is … and I live for Jesus.

Gavin:  Acting is useful.
Dad:  Yeah.  Clearly paid off.

Kelly:  That is exactly the opposite of what Jesus was about.
Gavin:  Really?!
Kelly:  Yeah, he was about humility.

Gavin:  Acting is about listening.

Kelly:  This is exactly the opposite of who Jesus was.  He wasn’t about spectacle.  He was humble.

Allan:  Don’t treat him like one of your students.  Treat him like your partner – then maybe he won’t fight you so much.

Gavin:  People expect me to be crazy or drunk … or fun…

Mike:  You walk off this set you won’t have one friend left in this business.
Gavin:  I never did, Mike.

Gavin:  I don’t know how this whole thing you have with God works, but I like what it does to you guys.

Gavin:  So I’m back in, huh?  Just like that?
Kelly:  This is what we do.

Gavin as Jesus to the Rich Young Ruler:  Don’t go.  Don’t walk away.  You’ll miss out on so much.  So much more than you already have.

Gavin to God:  Alright, I give in.  I surrender.  My way didn’t work.  I missed out on all this.  I missed out on you.  I’m sorry.  Sorry for all of it.  So here goes…  Father, Father!  Into your hands I commit my spirit!


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