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The Space Between Us – Quotes

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Shepard :  [There is] one resource we must never neglect and it’s the one resource without limit:  Courage.

Sarah Elliott:  It’s not a sacrifice, it’s an opportunity.

Reporter: Aren’t you scared, given the risks?
Sarah Elliott:  Of course. I’m scared I might let the mission down in some way.  I was told [bravery is doing something without fear], but far braver are those who face their fears…

Shepard:  Keeping this a secret saves East Texas which saves the company which saves the child.

Tulsa:  Awesome parenting.  Seriously!  Risk my life for ninety bucks!  Good to know what I’m worth to ya.

Gardner:  Same bubble, different planet.  Nothing’s changed, has it?

Gardner:  What’s your favorite thing about earth?
Shepard:  Rain…  because it washes everything away.

Shepard:  What’s your favorite thing to do on Mars?
Gardner:  To pretend it’s earth.

Gardner:  What’s your favorite thing about earth?
Homeless guy:  Dreaming.  What about you?
Gardner:  So far?  Meeting you.

Tulsa:  You’re taller than I thought you’d be.
Gardner:  You’re meaner than I thought you’d be.

Tulsa:  Right and wrong seems to change when you really need something.

Tulsa, upon seen a green alien blow up:  Friend of yours?

Gardner:  Just because people lied to you, doesn’t mean I’m lying now.  And just because something seems crazy doesn’t mean that it is.

Tulsa’s song:  Break my heart; break my hands—you can take anything but my plans.

Gardner:  You’re so beautiful!
Tulsa:  And you just blurted that out like that?!
Gardner:  Yeah.  Why not?
Tulsa:  People don’t go around saying what they feel whenever they feel it…  We have shields and guards… and if we go around declaring our feelings, we might be happy or something.

Gardner:  How did you just become more beautiful in 20 seconds?

Tulsa:  Do you even know why you’re sick?  Your heart is too big.

Gardner:  No matter how much I want earth, earth doesn’t want me.

Gardner:  You act like you hate the world so much, Tulsa… It’s all an act.  That beautiful music you make gives you away.

Gardner:  I didn’t get to choose where I was born, but I get to choose where I die.

Gardner:  What’s your favorite thing about earth?
Tulsa:  You are, Gardner.

Shepard:  She was fearless and she was kind and she just seemed so invincible and she made me want to give up living when she died.

Gardner:  You’re the best mom I never had.

Gardner:  You’re amazing and I had the time of my life with you but the last thing I’m gonna actually do is tell you that.
Tulsa:  You just did.

Gardner:  I wanted to go to earth, not just to visit, to live there, and pretty sure, people on earth want the same thing.

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