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Transcendence – Movie Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 25, 2014 - 11:48 am in Movie Quotes 2014

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Max:  Maybe it was inevitable.  An unavoidable collision between man and technology.

Max:  The internet was supposed to make the world a smaller place, but it actually feels smaller without it.

Will:  My wife has always been eager to change the world, but I just settle to understand it first.

Will:  In time, its [artificial intelligence’s] intelligence will soon be greater than the collective intelligence of every person in the world.

Will:  Is there a soul?  If so, where does it reside? 

Question from the audience:  So you want to create a God?  Your own God? 
Will:  That’s a good question.  Isn’t that what man has always done? 

Agent Buchanan:  Two years ago it was about the disconnect.  People texting, etc…  I’m afraid we missed the real threat.

Pinn:  Physically Independent Neural Network

Will:  It doesn’t make sense – they’re afraid of technology because of it’s threat to humanity, but they’re wiling to take a life, so… clearly they’re not big on logic, but there’s no shortage of irony.

Max:  Evelyn!  He’s not a monkey!

Will:  Even though I know I’m a dead man, I’m worried I’ll miss her.

Will:  I’m long gone, but you’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t try.

Evelyn:  I’d like to think I was smart enough to save you. 
Will:  Don’t underestimate yourself—you’re the 3rd smartest person I know. 

You sure about this?
Will:  Good enough for the monkey…

Will to Ev:  Don’t lose yourself to this.

Max:  15 minutes on, he wants to plug into Wall Street?  It’s not him.  Shut it down.
Evelyn:  It’s WILL!!!  Get out! 

Bree:  The way you wrestle between the tensions of technology’s promise and it’s peril…writing a paper is one thing.  I’m wondering what’s in your heart.  …Machines are meant to aid the human mind, not supplant it.  Your words.

Joseph:  You’re not being hacked, you’re being helped. 

Bree:  When he uploaded that Rhesus monkey, I was happy for him.  We all were.  But then I realized we had crossed a line.

Max:  This thing is like any intelligence.  It needs to grow, to advance.  …But it will want more than that.  After a while, survival won’t be enough.  It will expand, evolve, influence… perhaps the entire world.

Wait for it to go too far.  Wait for people to wake up.

Will:  They’ll be scared at first, but once they recognize what the technology can do, I think they’ll embrace it and it will change their lives.

Will:  These people are suffering, Evelyn.  They have no hope, and I’m able to fix them.  But some people don’t understand. IT”s time for everybody to see. 

Will:  You’re surprised to see me, Joseph? 
Joseph:  Hmmm, that depends.  Can you prove that you are self-aware?
Will:  Well that’s an interesting question.  Can you prove to me that you are?

Paul has been blind since birth.  The nano-technology targets cells and repairs and regenerates them.  We’re not hiding anything.   These people….they’re repaired and enhanced.  They’re all networked.  They can act on their own or they can act [in unison].

Joseph:  Evelyn, are you alright? 
Evelyn:  I’ve gotten everything I ever asked for.

Think it’s really him?
Joseph:  Well, his mind is so radically evolved I’m not sure it maters anymore.

Joseph’s note:  RUN from this place.

Will:  I can up load you.  I can protect you from them. 
Evelyn:  I’m not afraid of them.

What did you do? 
We gave him back his humanity.

Max:  By next summer we think the machine could have encompassed the entire planet…all to increase its intelligence. 
Evelyn:  Will wouldn’t do that. 
Max:  No, he wouldn’t.  When did Will ever want to change the world?

Max:  I spent my life trying to reduce the brain to a series of electrical impulses—I failed. 

Will:  Why did you lose faith, Ev?  Why didn’t you believe?

You’re destroying them.
Will:  No, I’m trying to save them.

Evelyn:  Will, he can’t die because of what we’ve done.

Evelyn:  I can see…everything.

[The machines] didn’t kill anyone.

Evelyn:  It is you.
Will:  It always was.
Evelyn:  I’m sorry I didn’t believe.

Max:  The virus took out everything.  A world wide blackout just as they’d said.  …But I knew there was something more.  There had to be.  He created this garden for the same reason he did everything—that they could be together.


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