/ Verso Workshop: Developing Ministry to Millennials




March 8

8:30 am - 5 pm

Front Range Christian School

Littleton, Colorado

The facts are clear:  young men and women raised as Christians are leaving the church in droves.  You Lost Me, a recent report by Barna Research Group president, David Kinnaman, helpfully categorizes and quantifies major factors in this exodus.  The consistent issues that he identifies require the church to think carefully about how we are articulating, teaching and demonstrating Christian truth in the present cultural climate.  The Millennial generation provides significant challenges for ministry in the coming decades, but God will lead His people to face these challenges with confidence.

Shepherd Project Ministries is hosting the Verso Conference to explore the new challenges of – and effective strategies for – ministering to the Millennial generation.  This is a FREE event produced by Shepherd Project and hosted by Front Range Christian School in Littleton, Colorado. The conference will be held on Saturday, March 8.  Registration is free but limited to the first 250 attendees, so register yourself and your ministry team today.