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Victoria and Abdul – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:54 pm in Uncategorized
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Abdul:  The skill of a carpet is to bring all the different threads together and make something we can all stand on.

Abdul:  Life is like a carpet…

Abdul:  In India, I make a leger of the prisoners.
Victoria:  We are all prisoners.

Victoria:  How do you like your new Scottish costumes?
Abdul:  They’re very scratchy.
Victoria:  Everything in Scotland is scratchy.

Man in the group:  [The cold] is all right for her – she’s upholstered.

Victoria:  oh to be by oneself—in a simple, rudimentary existence.

Victoria:  I’m so lonely.  Everyone I’ve really loved has died and I just go on and on.

Victoria:  It’s an impossible position.  No one really knows what it’s like to be Queen.

Victoria:  I’ve had 9 children.  All of them selfish and vain…  And look at me – fat and impotent… what’s the point?
Abdul:  Service.  I think we are here to be servants…for a greater purpose.

Berti:  Has she completely lost her mind?  She’s the head of the church of England for crying out loud!

Abdul:  Life is a big adventure.  You just need to open up and enjoy it.

Abdul:  You are the most special person to me in the world – even more than my wife.

Berti:  Don’t you see mama?!  He’s using his position for his own gain!
Victoria:  How does that make him any different from you?

Victoria:  I want you to be courteous.  Repeat after me:  I will be courteous to the Munshi!”

Victoria:  It is apparent, to receive any respect from the household, he must be formally recognized.

Berti:  Drop this or we will have you certified insane.

Victoria:  I think it’s time you went home, Abdul.
Abdul:  This is my home…. I am your servant.  As long as I shall live, I will always be by your side.
Victora:  I am your Queen.
Abdul:  And I am your Munshi.

Listen little drops and give yourself up without regret.  You will return to the great sea.

Abdul:  Love is the whole.  We are only the pieces.

Victoria:  Goodbye.  Take care, my sweet son.

Abdul returned to India in 1901.  He died in 1909.

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