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War for the Planet of the Apes – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:55 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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Caesar:  I did not start this war.  The ape who did is Koba.  I killed him.  Now I fight only to protect my apes.

Caesar:  Why didn’t I see that he did not forgive what humans did to him?

Maurice:  No one could see how much darkness was living inside him.

Caesar:  We cannot take her, Maurice.
Maurice:  I understand, but I cannot leave her.

Caesar:  You let them call you donkey.  You are ape.

Colonel:  I realized I would have to sacrifice my only son so that humanity could be saved.  … Even in his primitive stage, I felt his love.  I pulled the trigger.  It purified me.  Made my purpose clear.

Colonel:  This is a holy war.  All of human history has led to this moment.  If we lose, it will become a planet of apes and we will become your cattle.

Colonel:  What do you think my men would’ve done to your apes if you’d killed me?  Or was killing me more important?

Caesar:  His wall is madness.  It won’t save him anymore than it will save you.
Donkey:  I save myself.
Caesar:  Is there anything left of you to save?

Caesar:  Maurice is right.  I am like Koba.  He could not escape his hate and I cannot escape mine.

Caesar:  You are all home now.  Apes are strong with or without me.

Maurice:  Son will know who was father.  And what Caesar did for us.


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