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Whiplash – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 19, 2015 - 2:39 pm in Movie Quotes 2015

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Fletcher: I asked you why you stopped playing, and your answer was to start playing again like a wind up monkey.

Fletcher: Well, you’re in the first chair. Let’s see if that’s just because you’re cute. … Yep. That’s why.

Fletcher: Now, either you’re deliberately out of tune and sabotaging my band or you don’t know you’re out of tune, which I’m afraid is even worse. [Dismisses him and turns to Erickson:] For the record, he wasn’t out of tune, you were, Erickson, but he didn’t know and that’s bad enough.

Fletcher: Were you rushing or were you dragging? … So you do know the difference?!

Nicole: Maybe I’m literally the only one who’s homesick in college. Andrew: I still go to the movies with my dad.

Andrew: I’d rather die drunk, broke at 34 and have people at a dinner table talk about me than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remember who I was.

Andrew’s Brother?: Carlton football’s a joke??? Come play with us. Andrew: Words you will never hear from the NFL.

Andrew: I want to be great. I want to be one of the greats. Nicole: And I would stop you from doing that?

Andrew: It’s my part. Fletcher: It’s my part and I decide who to lend it to.

Fletcher: I don’t think people understand what it was I was doing at Shaffer. I wasn’t there to conduct. Any…moron can wave his arms and keep people in tempo. I was there to push people beyond what’s expected of them. I believe that is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, we’re depriving the world of the next Louis Armstrong, the next Charlie Parker. ...I told you about how Charlie Parker became Charlie Parker? Andrew: Joe Jones threw a cymbal at his head.   Fletcher: Exactly… he’s a pretty good sax player… [screws] it up… and Jones nearly decapitates him for it. And he’s laughed off stage. Cries himself to sleep that night, but the next morning, what does he do? He practices and he practices and he practices, with one goal in mind: never to be laughed at again. And a year later he goes back …steps on that stage and he plays the best…solo the world has ever heard. So imagine if Jones had just said, “Well that’s OK, Charlie. That was all right. Good job.” – end of story, no Bird. That, to me, is an absolute tragedy. But that’s just what the world wants now, and they wonder why jazz is dying. … Every Starbucks jazz album just proves my point, really. There are no two words in the English language more harmful than, “Good job.” Andrew: But is there a line? Maybe you go too far and discourage the next Charlie Parker from becoming Charlie Parker?   Fletcher: No, man, no. Because the next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged. … The truth is, I never had a Charlie Parker, but I tried.

Fletcher: All Connolly ever was to me was incentive for you.



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