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Can’t make the 2012 Word Conference in Denver?  No problem, we’ll bring it to you!

Think of it as a mini-conference right in your own church or community.  Find out more about the Word Seminars here and then inquire about booking one with the form at the bottom of this page.

It’s cliché to say it, but that doesn’t make it any less true:  you can talk about God all you want, but bring up Jesus and suddenly things get tense.  Why is that?  It’s probably because in the person of Jesus of Nazareth we have the clearest and most plausible claim to be able to answer the most profound questions of human existence: who is God really and what does God want from me?

If Jesus is who he claimed to be, then that question has been answered, but answered in a way that many find too constraining or too convicting or just too uncomfortable. It’s no wonder, then, that in recent years there has been a concerted effort to re-imagine Jesus, or at least to undermine the historical reliability of the canonical Gospels which tell us the truth about him.

In the face of this revisionist blitzkrieg, many Christians end up clinging to simple faith that their understanding of Jesus is accurate. Faith is good, but understanding the facts that our faith is built upon is better, because our faith in the facts make us bold enough to engage and speak truth into the conversations that are already taking place all around us.

Saturday Seminar Schedule

8:30 am –  Doors open

9:00 am – Session 1 – Jesus & Judaism:  understanding Jesus in light of 1st century Jewish history and culture

10:30 am – Break

10:45 am – Session 2 – Jesus & Gospels:  understanding the purpose and uniqueness of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Session 3 – Jesus & the Skeptics: answering contemporary objections to the Christ of faith and fact

2:15 pm – Break

2:30 pm – Q & A

3:00 – End


What we provide:

Publicity materials (professionally designed and produced posters, bulletin inserts, web graphics, etc.) for pre-conference marketing

Pre-Conference Registration

A/V Support (projectors, screens, sound system, etc. if needed)

Reliable and highly-respected Christian scholars

Seminar materials (handbooks, handouts, etc.)

What you provide:

A suitable location and any needed staff support on the day of the event

Publicity support (putting inserts in bulletins, announcements in church, etc.)


We offer the Word Seminar two different ways.

Option 1 – Host church covers all costs (approx. $1000 plus travel expenses) and offers the seminar to their congregation either free of charge or at whatever rate they choose

Option 2 – Shepherd Project covers all costs (except for venue expenses; see “what you provide” above) and charges attendees $20 for the day (various discounts may be available for families)


The 2012 Word Seminars are led by Dr. Craig A. Smith, Ph.D.

Craig is the executive director of Shepherd Project Ministries and speaks to tens of thousands of Christians around the world in nearly every imaginable venue, from pastor training events to youth conferences.

In addition to his work with Shepherd Project, Dr. Smith is a professor of New Testament studies at Denver Theological Seminary and a teaching pastor at his home church, Heritage Evangelical Free Church in Castle Rock, CO.  Craig is the author of:


The Word: Understanding & Trusting the Bible in an Age of Skepticism

Identifying Chiasm of Design in Biblical Literature

The Kingdom for the Kingless

The Voice – Hearing God in the Crowd

The Search – How Can I Know God Exists?

Deciphering the Da Vinci Code

 Articles (selected)

Names, Significance of Biblical (Logos)

Translation Theories (Logos)

Reinstating Isaac:  The Centrality of Abraham’s Son in the Jacob Esau Narrative of Genesis 28 (Biblical Theology Bulletin)

New Wineskins:  Churches & the World Wide Web (Leadership Journal)

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